The Lost and Found Books (Part II)

Aha, finally!  Here are select photos of my newest project, the Lost and Found Books.

I think the pseudo-collophan (how do you spell that word?) explains it pretty well:

This book, an homage to what is lost and what is found and what that says about us, includes hand-set letterpress type, the silliest dingbats found in Case 27, etchings and engravings of both known and ambiguous origin, Xerox transfers from an old project, a print of a circuit board that Jake Hintze messed up on, and one lonely relief print from a block acquired at the gem show.

Remember that what is lost is often found.

This edition(ish) of artist books focuses on the many meanings of Lost and Found, because it is through the discarded, reclaimed and sought out that our values are implicitly communicated.  Like any other Lost and Found, I made these books without much of a plan.  I filled the pages as I went with found stories and images to create my own little Lost and Found in book form.  The final step is to lose the books (after, of course, the Letterpress show at the end of the month), returning them to the larger Lost and Found that the content originally came from.

(Can you tell that last bit is my artist statement?  It’s all formal-like and a little stuffy.  Maybe I’ll start making artist statements less stuffy and more delightful and more blog-like.  But still intellectual.  This sounds hard, but I will try.)

The Lost and Found Books (Part II)

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