The commencement of the intaglio animation

I am making an animation out of intaglio prints. 

I told Cerese about this, and her first question was “WHY?”  My answer is simple: intaglio plates are reworked relatively easily, and thus are conducive to modifying over and over.  I am making a print with each modification, so hopefully soon I will have a hefty stack of prints to scan and make into a video.  And then I’ll add Frooty Loops-made music.  I think this is a really great idea, albeit extremely time-consuming.  I guess we all know where I’ll be every night for the next three and a half months?

Anyways, I am making a practice version this week, a fun one of Jake playing keyboard, to learn more about drypoint and how this process will work.  I started with an etching, and then modified it using drypoint and burnishing.  I’m considering hand-coloring it?  Ahh, if only there were more hours in the day!

PS  Here is a neat intaglio animation, using a different strategy.

PPS  I’m absolutely hand-coloring this, starting right NOW.

The commencement of the intaglio animation

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