Whirlwind, depicted in twenty photographs

The Mid-America Print Council Conference was… amazing.  It left me simultaneously overwhelmed (in a positive way) and inspired.  For your benefit, I have compiled a brief list of twenty of my experiences, with accompanying photographs: 1. the large empty airport parking garage that I had to walk through to get to the Minneapolis light rail system, 2. JustSeeds founder Josh MacPhee, 3. lots of people learning about engraving with James Ehler, 4. Michael Barnes’ amazing asphaltum lithography demo, 5. Artemio Rodriguez’s giant woodcut viewed from above, 6. Goyas, in person(!!!!!), 7. the Frank Gehry building that is under construction on the UMN campus, 8. Moku hanga demo, 9. yours truly gazing lovingly at a painting in the UMN library, 10. the view from the bridge at UMN, 11. pressure monoprinting on a Vandercook, 12. Murakami eyeball wallpaper at the Walker Center, 13. me, Charles and new friend Liz in the Walker Center sculpture garden, 14. our bus, 15. me plus huge spoon, 16. the amazing Swoon, 17. superclean printshop in Northfield, 18. effing huge and old litho press at ArtOrg in Northfield, 19. a less tidy printshop in Northfield,  and 20. beautiful Northfield landscape.

I love printmaking.

Whirlwind, depicted in twenty photographs

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