Printmaking + New Mexico

This past weekend, I went to Santa Fe and Albuquerque with members of the print club to see Tamarind, New Grounds, and Site Santa Fe.  We also had the good fortune of meeting the University of New Mexico’s printmaking club at their print sale, which happened to be the same day we were in Albuquerque.

Both Tamarind and New Grounds had beautiful facilities and friendly people and amazing prints to look at.  Site Santa Fe’s current exhibit, The Dissolve, is full of animations and I walked away feeling ultra inspired.  In particular, Brent Green‘s Paulina Hollers blew my socks away (yes, it both blew me away and knocked my socks off).

We also ate ridiculously good food (yums, the Frontier Restaurant in Albuquerque!), had some boozes, saw a performance by young Mariachis, and took a detour to Bandelier National Monument.



Printmaking + New Mexico

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