TIMTOMJIMJAM Volume One: it’s complete!*

TIMTOMJIMJAM Volume One is all done!  The (maga)zine includes work by Morgan Anderson, Dennis Sanders, Camden Hardy, Carlos Garcia, Nikki Brzescinski, Spencer Jordan Palmer, Jake Hintze, Danny Martin, Matthew Alan Trowbridge, Stephanie Dammer, Katheryn Selby, Lauren Myers, and myself.  The above photos show the magazine pages being cut down on the supergreat paper guillotine we have at the Book Arts Collective, the resulting huge stack of paper, and the final magazine all bundled up to distribute.

Let me know if you would like a copy!  Or if you would like to submit work to TIMTOMJIMJAM Volume Two, which will be in the works a few months from now.

*Um, almost complete.  I still have 70 more bindings to sew(!).

TIMTOMJIMJAM Volume One: it’s complete!*

2 thoughts on “TIMTOMJIMJAM Volume One: it’s complete!*

    1. Yeah! Come to the yard sale and I’ll give you one! Otherwise, I’ll just always have my pockets full of zines so that when I do see you next, I’ll be ready.

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