All these things that I have

So it’s been a while since I’ve posted.  I worked, I moved, I worked some more.  I grew my yoga practice.

I’ve been thinking a lot about grad school.  I am going to make a lot of artwork this year. I got a work-study scholarship (!!!!!) to Penland for a letterpress and bookmaking workshop this summer.  I am ready.

Anyways, I’ve been playing with clay a little bit!  I can’t decide whether the finished product will be a print, photo, part of an animation, or just the clay object itself.  Maybe I’ll paint it.  Maybe I’ll do all of these things.

All these things that I have

4 thoughts on “All these things that I have

  1. Anything called Penland must be cool! And also, I think it’s awesome that you are thinking about grad school. I have to say though, I applied to four schools last fall and was denied from all of them. I think most people would be devastated but somehow I’m not even concerned anymore. And although I haven’t posted in a while, (your two recent posts are putting me to shame!) I feel more creative now than ever before. I guess my point is to be aware of failure but not afraid of it. I believe you can do it!

    1. Ohmygoodness Josh, you rock. What a good attitude you have. Did you apply for painting? From everything I’ve heard, I guess it’s exceptionally hard to get in for painting. I would say, “sorry you didn’t get accepted,” but it sounds like you are doing wonderfully regardless.

      I always tell my mister that we’re just getting better and better each day, because if we’re going about things right, we’re constantly learning and growing and being more creative in ways that standards like school or applying to school can’t necessarily measure. I’ve been in a bit of a funk lately because I feel like I spend all of my time and energy at work, so I’m trying to get back on track making art both because it makes me feel good and to create goals for the future.

      Post more of your work? I always enjoy your posts.

      1. I just now found out that you had replied… I’m not too good with the interweb I suppose.

        Most of the programs I applied to were considered “art practice” so I applied with a lot of different work. A combo of drawings, paintings and even photography! I can only imagine how much BS they have to sift through so I guess I just thought a lot about what I was really trying to accomplish and was as honest as I could be. I think what is hard is that some programs don’t except many students so it becomes extremely competitive and even really good artists don’t always get in.

        I think the best thing for me though was the realization that I wanted to keep making stuff afterwards. I was totally worried that if I failed I would want to quit or something. I think you are right when you say we are constantly learning/growing and no matter how far removed we get from it, art always sneaks back in some form. We are artists and creating is simply a part of life…

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