Carrot polaroids, temporal considerations

Lately I’ve been making a lot of artwork that takes a long time (embroideries? linoleum cuts of drawings of string? books? the giant woodcut that I haven’t started yet?).  I like this kind of work because it provides a certain kind of depth and gravity to it; you can tell that it took a long time to make and this makes it feel more significant, no matter how physically small or how banal the subject matter.  It becomes a property of the work as much as material and content.

That said, I also like to take Polaroids.  The immediate gratification instant film provides is rewarding and it provides a balance to the more time-intensive work.  Not only does it feels good to finish something, it will give more variety to the body of work as a whole.  I’m thinking that I will put some of these in a little book, and frame the others to see which is more effective.

Hmm.  I’m feeling verbose today.  Hope you’re having a lovely Sunday.  xoxo

Carrot polaroids, temporal considerations

3 thoughts on “Carrot polaroids, temporal considerations

  1. JAREK says:

    Wow. Heavy. You are so right. And so very verbose. It is endearing to my heart how well spoken and thoughtful you are.

  2. That last tag is certainly verbose!

    I’ve had an old Polaroid machine for a while now but I’ve never used it and it looks like a lot of fun! So I guess I’ll just have to stop being lazy and buy some film…

    I’ve noticed that you have posted a lot lately and you seem really inspired, keep it up, I’m looking forward to seeing new work!

  3. Jake – THANK YOU this makes me feel good.
    Josh – thanks for noticing! both the tag and my recent inspiration. I’m feeling very motivated. And you should go get some film! So much fun, and also important for the aforementioned reasons. I’ve been using Fujufilm, and I have to say I’ve been quite pleased with it.

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