To eat and to be eaten



“One is inside / then outside what one has been inside

One feels empty / because there is nothing inside oneself”


“One tries to get inside oneself / that inside of the outside / that one was once inside / once one tries to get oneself inside what one is outside: to eat and to be eaten

to have the outside inside and to be / inside the outside”


“But this is not enough.

(Text by R.D. Laing)”


New little lepporello book: letterpress, typewriter, Polaroids, thread.  I was thinking about John Baldessari when I made those Polaroids.

To eat and to be eaten

4 thoughts on “To eat and to be eaten

  1. These are really nice, I like how they turned out! Did you feed them through a typewriter?

    It’s weird, I never seem to get notified when someone replies to my comments, so in response to your last posts’ question, I used Processing. It’s a program that helps you write other programs that can then make cool stuff. I’ve really been quite the computer nerd lately (I think I might even need some more sun).

    But I really like what you have been doing, it makes me want to get my hands dirty and make something a little more physical. Maybe I’ll draw or something…

    By the way, I was wondering, do you plan on ever doing another TimTomJimJam zine? I think that is what it was called :/ I thought those were pretty cool!

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