You guys, I have a problem. A photo etching problem. So I’m trying to approach it scientifically.

These plates are taking forever (by forever, I mean forty-five minutes to an hour instead of five or less) to develop. Adjusting the strength of the developer helps, but I’m not a hundred percent sold that all the emulsion is off, and even the thinnest film blocks out the acid. I just sent an email to Graphic Chemical inquiring on the age of the developer; it looks expired to me, so perhaps that will be resolved soon.

In general, though, I’m worried that these plates simply are too unreliable for the amount of money they cost. Does anyone have any advice? They used to develop well, no problem, when I started making them about a year ago. I’m hoping for an emulsion that I can apply myself to a zinc plate to sidestep the one-shot nature of these plates so I can redo if I need to.

Advice? I’m trying make etchings on zinc using some photographic process.

Maybe it’s time to learn photogravure! (Probably not; I am really just looking for any excuse to learn how to make photogravures.)


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