Letting go


You guys.

Usually I’m very good at cleaning and letting things go, but THE ART SHELF.

I’m preparing to move to a different apartment for the summer, and then several states away after that, but THE ART SHELF.

I’m a paper pack rat and a project pack rat. Also apparently I have very eclectic interests, and it’s hard to admit and accept that there are certain projects that I probably won’t finish. Do you see how I wrote probably? I still can’t or won’t admit that I won’t finish these things. I self identify as a finisher, so it’s hard to do otherwise. But it also doesn’t make sense to carry all of these strange things to Portland (I spy a children’s “Kritter Keyboard,” a melodica, rumpled black book cloth, so many kinds of paper, strips of paper, woven paper, twenty cootie catchers that I folded last summer for some reason, Polaroid cameras, 35mm film cameras, four containers of glue, an engraving tool and a zinc plate, a children’s cassette tape recorder, a giant partially completed woodcut, I could go on).

So, this week I am going to make peace with the art shelf. Deadline is Saturday.

Xxoo my sweets, hope you’re doing wonderfully.

Letting go

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