When I got my first grownup job after graduating college, I moved into a 230-square-foot studio apartment. Life there was very streamlined and multipurposed; the desk tripled as art table, dining table, and laptop table. There was no room for multiplicity or redundancy or excess. I really loved living there.

I’ve since upgraded to a one bedroom apartment with a partner, and then parted ways from that partner. I feel like I am swimming in space. I parted ways with a lot of material things this week in order to prepare for the upcoming moves. I packed my art tools into boxes and got rid of my bed (I think there is something to be said for sleeping close to the ground). Since there are less things here, I was able to clear out the bedroom; it has transformed into a yoga and meditation space. I am thankful!

Yesterday morning I was feeling very irritable. At first I couldn’t dissect why, but I think what it comes down to is the discomfort of transition, the discomfort of ending, the discomfort of unpredictability. In the morning I was caught up feeling grumpy about my plans to abandon the familiar, but by the afternoon I decided to choose to both honor where I’m coming from AND embrace the future. Because while an ending is an ending, it is also a beginning.

Om namah shivaya!

(Also I got to eat delicious Ethiopian food with my beautiful yogi lady friend Alicia, which never hurts. I’m thankful for nourishing friends and nourishing food! xoxo)


One thought on “Space

  1. Nicholas says:

    I have been told that moving is one of the most stressful events that we will go through in our lives. Some may call me a “nester” but, I like to think I am more of a person who tends to grow roots. It’s funny to think tat one is high above in a tree and the other is far beneath the ground. BTW. The website looks great! I especially like the pink and the friends page. Hopefully when I make a new website, you will add me as a friend.

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