I’m working on a collaborative commission from+with Hannah Ensor. I’m making a book, and using this as an excuse to make something beautiful. With watercolor flowers. Suck it, (conceptual) art school! I’m not embarrassed, even a little bit.

That was a little bit rude. I’m really just having a lovely time. I love love. (This is a gift for two people getting married.)



4 thoughts on “Collaboration

  1. Hannah says:

    one time i wrote in a poem, “it is 2012 and we do not have to be embarrassed anymore.” it is no longer 2012 (which will some day also be a problem for that poem you made so beautiful), but the sentiment stands: let’s not be embarrassed, even a little bit. you’re wonderful. thank you for collaborating. xo!

    1. That sounds like a wonderful poem because that is a really good sentiment. It is 2013 and we don’t have to be embarrassed. Can’t wait to mail you this new book, and can’t wait to collaborate more. Xxoo

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