Whoops, I realize I was a little vague in my last post. I just wanted to post the critter skeleton I found in the type case!

Anyway, to paint a fuller picture for you, I am spending three weeks at The Ashantilly Press in Darien, Georgia as a visiting artist. My goal for my time here is to make a comprehensive type specimen book and to help get the shop into general working order, and to make a poster for an upcoming sale for the Ashantilly Center.

I have finished labeling and making a spreadsheet of all the type cases, but many typefaces are (as-of-yet) unidentified. We are fortunate because Mr. Haynes was very meticulous, and many of the original labels are in the cases so for the most part our job is straightforward. There still is a good amount of mystery type, so today I started proving it to make identification easier. Neither Nicholas or I has any formal education in typography, so were going through a bit of a crash course. I am learning so many new things.

I am feeling so thankful to have this time to play with type (and hopefully to be a helping, orderly force!). And, I can’t thank Harriet and Sara and Nicholas enough. Ashantilly really is a special place; I’ve seen so much community spirit and generosity and hard work already, and I’ve only been here since Sunday.

Oh my goodness.

And, these photos! I have never seen this kind of spring-loaded furniture, if you can even call it furniture, to use in lieu of a quoin or magnets on a proving press. Letterpress friends, any knowledge to share?



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