There and back



I went to Tucson for a couple weeks, and now I am back in Portland. A change of scenery can be so refreshing: time with Jeik and the kitties and Sampson and my parents. It wasn’t all idle time, though; I helped Jeik with a move, made photopolymer plates, and printed about half of a little book on the little Kelsey (look, I forgot to invert my images for the transparency! Whoops). I took hardly any photos; I suppose I was content to sit in the sun and eat tacos and print and just be.

This morning I went back to Mysore class, YAY, and now I’m back in the studio. Time to print, time to play with clay, time to make books. This year I am looking to explore art in Portland more, to leave the safe bubble of my studio.

Happy 2014, sweet friends. Let’s make this a fruitful, expansive, kind, healthy year.

There and back

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