Craft, rock boxes

rock box

“Yet the display of craft knowledge… can, in itself, be a way of communicating values: care, love, a desire to serve, an intention to delight, a desire to honour a patron, client or some other, more abstract or metaphysical entity such as ‘my country’ or ‘my God.’”

Peter Dormer, The Art of the Maker, 89 (1994)

I’ve been practicing making boxes for rocks for this purpose, I think. I’ve set a goal to really hone my book and box making skills this year (uhh, it’s time to get it together. And, I have the best teacher around!). This little divided box will have a magic wallet lid with text.

In other news, I have been making more papier mache rocks, and writing, and READING, and planning leaps.


Craft, rock boxes

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