New little prints

New little prints, part of a series. 10pt Helvetica on joss paper, printed on a sign press.

Big thanks to my partner Jeik for assembling an amazing studio and sharing it with me and supporting the ideas that come out of my strange brain. !!!!!

New little prints

2 thoughts on “New little prints

  1. Adam W Carroll says:

    Hello, and please accept my most sincere “WOW! Your books are amazing!” I came upon your site via the OCAC website. I’d love to return to school and work in wood (furniture design) and clay (functional pottery). (I’m very interested in the beauty and craftsmanship in everyday objects, oftentimes things we don’t consider “art” or “craft.” Your books are amazing, really! What talent… They are such beautiful pieces. I considered grad school in Book Arts (MFA) at The University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, but due to various life events and general circumstance never got the chance to see it through. But, I’ve been looking into getting a degree in furniture design, which interests me most, but with a bit of work in clay and book arts as well. Your work is very inspiring. Great site! Best,
    Adam W. Carroll

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