New clay rocks / lumps

After a couple of months of moving / bookmaking for the show at Tiny Town / starting a new job / making things for the wedding, I’m back to using CLAY.

After two years of near-myopic focus in grad school, I am practicing using my mind in a different way; I have many different things to do throughout the day, and I’ve historically had a hard time transitioning from one thing to the next (who doesn’t, though?). Since I know this, and also the reality of my Tucson life right now is that there are a lot of different things to attend to, I am working on     focusing quickly and deeply. It’s all in the mind, really.

This is also becoming clear because recently my yoga practice became a lot shorter (hello, karandavasana). I thought it would be a relief, and it is, but it feels really short and at the same time really intense; there is no long entry or exit so in a way it feels more intense than before because it is very concentrated. I can feel my mind changing, and I am starting to see how this applies in the rest of my day.

New clay rocks / lumps

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