I proofed the teeth plate yesterday.

This photo hides it, but I have a lot of burrs to pick out (I engraved too deeply and then got lazy about removing the burrs).

At first I wasn’t wild about it because it’s not soft anymore. But now it’s rich! Rich, rich black.

In other news, the kids at work yesterday made paper fortune tellers, and I kept getting “you are rich” (and, temporally interestingly enough, “you will marry an old lady” – thanks, Supreme Court!). I am rich! Still experiencing abundance. I got to play outside and swim in rivers this weekend with my honey, so I am feeling relaxed and thankful. And rich.






You guys.

I have been working on this stencil for a pressure print for a long, long while (such a long time that I don’t even want to tell you how long) and it is done and ready to proof today. It’s 12×20″, which I think is pretty big for a pressure print, maybe. It’s going to be printed over an etching. Or maybe under.

I actually feel nervous about it, because it has been such a big time investment and it is for my job. (Here’s another opportunity to practice detachment and joy in a thing, Alyssa and Andrea?)

Wish me luck?

And, two more spectacular flowers bloomed yesterday. I spy abundance.