Books + Scans


I’ve been busy printing, binding, and scanning books.

My teacher Don Crow has been talking a lot about looking, really looking, and I’ve been applying this to books: how we look at and read books, how the structure and material and presentation of the physical book affects how we approach it, and how context affects reading and looking.

This page is my favorite page, “to hug a large man for a long time” in teeny tiny type.

Books + Scans


holding jeik's hand bw rectangle


I made finger-shaped chalk, and then photographed it.  I’m not sure exactly how to handle the finger chalk: performatively? interactively? as an artifact-object on display? photographically?  So I am going to try all of these things.









You guys. I am so full of gratitude for the community at the Ashantilly Center. The reception was wonderful; many people showed up and they were excited to see what was happening at the Ashantilly Press. Harriet and Sara and the board put together a beautiful reception, and Nicholas and I helped visitors print on both the C&P and the little Vandercook proof press.

Thanks, thanks, thanks! I’m missing Ashantilly already!

(All of these photos were taken by Harriet Langford. I was too busy explaining typesetting and making prints, and encouraging people to use the corner rounder.)