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I’m making a THICK roundback book. Thirty-six signatures! I’ve only done this particular binding once before, so I wanted to see if I could control the curve on a larger scale.

I’ve been having fun making books where I amplify one variable: What does an extra-large (2.5 x 3 feet) German case binding look like? What happens when a relatively small book has thirty-six signatures? And so on, in a test of my binding capabilities and of the bindings themselves, and the effect on the reader-viewer.



Lost and Found



I received this sweet email the other day regarding one of the Lost and Found books:

Hi Amanda,
I meant to send this to you ages ago… I took one of your Lost & Found books from your table at an art event at Club Congress in April. I loved it so much, it was difficult to let it go, but I managed to do it. I “lost” it at the Little Free Library in Dunbar-Spring, on 2nd St and 10th Ave. I wanted to make sure it didn’t get rained on or thrown in the trash, so I thought this was a safe place. Though I’m sure you were prepared for the risks involved in losing your book, I regret not including your contact information in the book before I lost it. Maybe someday, it’ll come back to you, somehow.
Thanks for sharing your art with me. Here are some photos, attached.

I started this project with no expectation of getting a response, so I’m amazed that anyone has gotten back to me at all. I’m delighted!

Lost and Found

iamfeelingsomanyfeelings (gratitude)

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Here are some scans from a recent book: “iamfeelingsomanyfeelings (gratitude), typewriter, Polaroids, etching, map, ticket, thread, 8 5/8 x 7 1/4”, 2012.

If you can’t tell, lately I’ve been in the mood to type on the typewriter and sew and weave bits of (sentimental) trash.


…Maybe it’s time to start drawing again.

iamfeelingsomanyfeelings (gratitude)