A sampling of recent work

I am interested in exploring pairs of forces that counter one another, yet somehow coexist.

The Knots series examines the tension between predictability and volatility, knowing and not knowing, and the internal and external.  I’ve connected this set of ideas to R.D. Laing’s book Knots, in which the psychiatrist investigates circular patterns of thought in relationships.  Other influences to this body of work include Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras, family photo albums, my experiences as a preschool art teacher, and intuitive responses to materials: string, trophies, photographs, and textiles.

Lately I’ve been manifesting these ideas in books, prints, and embroideries.


To eat and to be eaten,” letterpress, typewriter, thread, Polaroid, closed dimension 4.5 x 5.25 x .5″, 2012


An interior view of “To eat and to be eaten


The self that is afraid of,” letterpress, typewriter, thread, closed dimension 5 x 7 x .25″, 2012


An interior view of “The self that is afraid of


I am doing it,” letterpress flexagon, typewriter, thread, closed dimension 2 x 3.5″, 2012


Interior view of “I am doing it


Untitled in-progress embroideries, diameters ranging from 4″ to 10″


Detail, untitled embroidery

A sampling of recent work

Little blank book

I finished a new little blank book yesterday!  Its thirty-eight pages are cream Stonehenge, and it’s bound with linen thread and black book cloth straps with deep plum Canson drawing paper on the inside covers.  To be perfectly honest, I don’t know what the cover paper is (thanks, paper fair!), but it is off-white and Eastern with lovely script.

The best part?  It’s for sale at the OhMyWhoa online shop!

Little blank book

New hexaflexagon, Minneapolis(!)

I made a new hexaflexagon yesterday.  What is going on here? you ask.  The supergreat Nick Bunch gave me his unwanted proofs from litho, which I tore down and made into a hexaflexagon, which I then printed intaglio over.  Yikes!

I wish you could see this in person.

Also, tomorrow I am going to Minneapolis to attend the Mid-America Print Council Conference.  I am so full of excitement to geek out about printmaking for four days.  So… I’ll have cool things to post next week!


New hexaflexagon, Minneapolis(!)