I’m working on a collaborative commission from+with Hannah Ensor. I’m making a book, and using this as an excuse to make something beautiful. With watercolor flowers. Suck it, (conceptual) art school! I’m not embarrassed, even a little bit.

That was a little bit rude. I’m really just having a lovely time. I love love. (This is a gift for two people getting married.)



iamfeelingsomanyfeelings (gratitude)

iamfeelingsomanyfeelings (gratitude) 006

iamfeelingsomanyfeelings (gratitude) 007

iamfeelingsomanyfeelings (gratitude) 002

iamfeelingsomanyfeelings (gratitude) 003

iamfeelingsomanyfeelings (gratitude) 008

Here are some scans from a recent book: “iamfeelingsomanyfeelings (gratitude), typewriter, Polaroids, etching, map, ticket, thread, 8 5/8 x 7 1/4”, 2012.

If you can’t tell, lately I’ve been in the mood to type on the typewriter and sew and weave bits of (sentimental) trash.


…Maybe it’s time to start drawing again.

iamfeelingsomanyfeelings (gratitude)

I am doing it


Text on side one:

(Text by R.D. Laing)

Text on side two:

I am doing it
The it I am doing is
The I that is doing it
The I that is doing it is
The it I am doing
It is doing the I that am doing it
I am being done by the it I am doing
it is doing it

I made a varied edition of this little book while I was at Penland in June and just got around to photographing the inside.

(Letterpress flexagon, typewriter, thread)


I am doing it

The self that is afraid of


“One is afraid of / the self that is afraid of”


“the self that is afraid of / the self that is afraid”


“One may perhaps speak of reflections. / (text by R.D. Laing)”


I made this book under the guidance of Barb Tetenbaum using text from R.D. Laing’s book Knots.  I was inspired by a slide presentation by the weaving instructor during my session, Peggy Hart.  I realized that I don’t know anything about weaving, and this made me realize that I’m unaware of my lack of knowledge about probably infinite other things.  And then I think in circles.

A lot of things became more clear to me while making this book: it’s ok to ground ideas by using someone else’s text, it’s good to play and simplify, I’m really interested in incorporating fibers into my work, and I want to make more traditional codices.  Even though this is a lepporello.

Hope you all are doing great.  xoxo

The self that is afraid of

Little blank book

I finished a new little blank book yesterday!  Its thirty-eight pages are cream Stonehenge, and it’s bound with linen thread and black book cloth straps with deep plum Canson drawing paper on the inside covers.  To be perfectly honest, I don’t know what the cover paper is (thanks, paper fair!), but it is off-white and Eastern with lovely script.

The best part?  It’s for sale at the OhMyWhoa online shop!

Little blank book