A box for two (revisited)


Another Box for Two, this one less similar in proportion and color to a Kleenex box (ha!).

It’s interesting sometimes that it takes more skill and practice to make something that shows its bones, so to speak (something that is unfinished – in this case, no covering except on the seams). I suppose there is just less opportunity to cover your tracks(/mistakes).

In other news, I’m seeking participants for a related project. Portland people, any volunteers?


A box for two (revisited)




I made a cigar box with a hole on each side with sweatshirt sleeves attached.

A vehicle for touch!

Now I’m making books to be read with one’s hand in the box, presumably holding someone else’s hand, a series of “Books for One Hand.” I think I’ll make more boxes too, using different scales and materials. Meg said this one reminded her of a Kleenex box, in proportion and color, and it’s true, rrgg.

I’m in a bit of a funk this week; big critique was last week and now I’m marinating in commentary, a little unsure of where to go next. I had decided to go on research paper vacation, but then I made this little book today, so I’m all over the place. I think the sun’s gone away too finally, for probably a long time, so maybe that’s a cause for funk too.

Oh, and I’ve made a blog for my MFA class, but there’s no content yet, so I’ll share when it becomes… Robust? That’s what I’m hoping for at least (no sense in me blogging alone in two places).



Miscellany (expansion)






Many things have been happening (understatement?).

Top to bottom:

I may have found resolution for the Nest of Gratitude. A box? There is going to be an open house potluck show at the MFA space this week, so I’d like to show a few nests.

I’m learning about box making from Barb. The best adjective I can think of to apply to box making is “satisfying.”

The lovely view from my studio window.

Jeik and I bought a tiny press together. Right now it is in the bedroom so I can see it when I wake up, and think of all the tiny prints I will make on it with Jeik one day. Not pictured: three cases of type(!).

I’ve been learning about mold making for ceramics in an effort to revise and expand upon the tooth vessel series. Casting and molding reminds me of printmaking, so my intention is to create ceramic work from the perspective of a printmaker (working in an interdisciplinary way, of course). This box contains alginate that I will use to cast teeth, fingers, toes. The side of the box is quite inspirational!

In other news, graduate school is blowing my mind a little bit. We’ve spent a good deal of time questioning and deconstructing what we are doing in our art practices, and what we are doing pursuing an MFA. There’s been a lot of self-reflection, as well as excitement to MAKE.


Miscellany (expansion)