Whoops, yesterday I was all over the place.

I came across this wonderful passage in BKS Iyengar’s Light on the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, 11.48:

From then on, the sadhaka is undisturbed by dualities.

The effect of asana is to put an end to the dualities or differentiation between the body and mind, mind and soul.  None of the pairs of opposites can exist for the sadhaka who is one with body, mind and soul.

When body, mind and soul unite in perfect posture, the sadhaka is in a state of beatitude.  In that exalted position, the mind, which is at the root of dualistic perception, loses its identity and ceases to disturb him.  Unity is achieved between body and mind and mind and soul.  There is no longer joy or sorrow, heat or cold, honour or dishonour, pain or pleasure.  This is perfection in action and freedom in consciousness.

So good, right?  This put into words what my work is all about.

Image found here.  (Look at that beautiful shoulder stand!)