A sampling of recent work

I am interested in exploring pairs of forces that counter one another, yet somehow coexist.

The Knots series examines the tension between predictability and volatility, knowing and not knowing, and the internal and external.  I’ve connected this set of ideas to R.D. Laing’s book Knots, in which the psychiatrist investigates circular patterns of thought in relationships.  Other influences to this body of work include Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras, family photo albums, my experiences as a preschool art teacher, and intuitive responses to materials: string, trophies, photographs, and textiles.

Lately I’ve been manifesting these ideas in books, prints, and embroideries.


To eat and to be eaten,” letterpress, typewriter, thread, Polaroid, closed dimension 4.5 x 5.25 x .5″, 2012


An interior view of “To eat and to be eaten


The self that is afraid of,” letterpress, typewriter, thread, closed dimension 5 x 7 x .25″, 2012


An interior view of “The self that is afraid of


I am doing it,” letterpress flexagon, typewriter, thread, closed dimension 2 x 3.5″, 2012


Interior view of “I am doing it


Untitled in-progress embroideries, diameters ranging from 4″ to 10″


Detail, untitled embroidery

A sampling of recent work

Down and dirty (learning to let go)

Yesterday I talked to Sheila about the work I’ve been doing.  She gave me some useful feedback that I’ve been thinking a lot about; she told me that the embroideries are beautiful and perfect, but they lack an opposite force.  Basically she told me to add something “down and dirty”(…!) to create tension and interest in the work.

This made me realize that I’m super tidy.  I know exactly why; I’ve spent the last four years thinking about printmaking and bookmaking, where tidiness is usually celebrated.

I haven’t always been like this.  The top photo is a little piece that I made with Jake in our yard when we lived at the casitas back in 2009.  THERE IS ACTUAL DIRT ON IT that you can see, put there ON PURPOSE.  I even remember kicking it around in the gravel.  I think we were drinking margaritas and just having fun.

So now I’m going to try to be a little less uptight.  I haven’t decided exactly what to do with the embroideries yet, but Sheila is definitely right.  They need something down and dirty.

Down and dirty (learning to let go)