Fffffff yeah



Almost ready to edition Sheila’s print. I just have to clean up that little issue on the lower right. I never thought filing plexi could be so important.

(A pressure print over an etching: weirdest/best printmaking combo that I thought would never work. This is why I love working for Sheila; the impossible and impossibly weird is possible.)

Fffffff yeah



I proofed the teeth plate yesterday.

This photo hides it, but I have a lot of burrs to pick out (I engraved too deeply and then got lazy about removing the burrs).

At first I wasn’t wild about it because it’s not soft anymore. But now it’s rich! Rich, rich black.

In other news, the kids at work yesterday made paper fortune tellers, and I kept getting “you are rich” (and, temporally interestingly enough, “you will marry an old lady” – thanks, Supreme Court!). I am rich! Still experiencing abundance. I got to play outside and swim in rivers this weekend with my honey, so I am feeling relaxed and thankful. And rich.





This intaglio has been sitting idle for a while. I really like the idea of the image, but its execution wasn’t the best; there’s nothing worse than a gray intaglio.

Possible resolution? Radical transformation! I’m engraving the hell out of it. That’s one way to rich black, I guess.

In other news, my scraper and burnisher look like hot dogs in this photo. And this week we started wheel throwing in ceramics. It is incredibly challenging and fun all at the same time; I’m really enamored with the whole process of ceramics.



Etching, update

I have embarked on a new series of etchings regarding gratitude. Etching is hard and etching is time consuming, but I find it to be a really fulfilling process and it creates an image quality that simply can’t be achieved any other way. Such depth. I was talking to Charles about etching last night, and he made the interesting and fitting observation that etching is the one kind of printmaking that hasn’t really been modernized in the same way that other techniques have (for example, photolithography or the incorporation of digital technologies). Etching is metal and acid and drawing; there isn’t too much of a way around it, and I think this may explain some of its appeal.

In other news, I’m back at preschool and I’m taking a ceramics class at community college. Both of these things are moving along wonderfully and I am full of gratitude. In ceramics so far I’ve made three drawings (of my teeth, bicycle helmet, and a quoin key) and a really uneven pinch pot. But I really love working with clay and my teacher is wonderful. He said, “we’re not forcing the clay; we’re coaxing it,” which is really good advice not only in this specific situation, but maybe in most situations (working with children? Asana practice, mechanical things, interacting with people to get things done?).

I told the little girl that I babysit that I am in ceramics class, and she asked about clay. I told her that it is like play dough, but from the earth (I don’t know how good of an explanation this is), and she asked, “doesn’t it [the earth] get smaller if we take pieces off of it?”

Etching, update

iamfeelingsomanyfeelings (gratitude)

iamfeelingsomanyfeelings (gratitude) 006

iamfeelingsomanyfeelings (gratitude) 007

iamfeelingsomanyfeelings (gratitude) 002

iamfeelingsomanyfeelings (gratitude) 003

iamfeelingsomanyfeelings (gratitude) 008

Here are some scans from a recent book: “iamfeelingsomanyfeelings (gratitude), typewriter, Polaroids, etching, map, ticket, thread, 8 5/8 x 7 1/4”, 2012.

If you can’t tell, lately I’ve been in the mood to type on the typewriter and sew and weave bits of (sentimental) trash.


…Maybe it’s time to start drawing again.

iamfeelingsomanyfeelings (gratitude)