I’m working on producing a lot of things to work out ideas. I’ve been making these page spreads incorporating fibers and typewritten text and Polaroids. I’m not sure what they’ll lead to? I’m struggling a little bit with the decorative nature this work. I like it, and I like making it, but is this enough to justify it? Right now I’m treating it as bell work, a daily exercise to get my hands busy.

Alyssa used to tell us something that her teachers told her: “slowly, slowly.” I will trust in trusting that patience and time will bring …something.



Miscellany (expansion)






Many things have been happening (understatement?).

Top to bottom:

I may have found resolution for the Nest of Gratitude. A box? There is going to be an open house potluck show at the MFA space this week, so I’d like to show a few nests.

I’m learning about box making from Barb. The best adjective I can think of to apply to box making is “satisfying.”

The lovely view from my studio window.

Jeik and I bought a tiny press together. Right now it is in the bedroom so I can see it when I wake up, and think of all the tiny prints I will make on it with Jeik one day. Not pictured: three cases of type(!).

I’ve been learning about mold making for ceramics in an effort to revise and expand upon the tooth vessel series. Casting and molding reminds me of printmaking, so my intention is to create ceramic work from the perspective of a printmaker (working in an interdisciplinary way, of course). This box contains alginate that I will use to cast teeth, fingers, toes. The side of the box is quite inspirational!

In other news, graduate school is blowing my mind a little bit. We’ve spent a good deal of time questioning and deconstructing what we are doing in our art practices, and what we are doing pursuing an MFA. There’s been a lot of self-reflection, as well as excitement to MAKE.


Miscellany (expansion)




You guys, I’m lost. I feel compelled to make one more small series of something before I head out on my trip next week. And I’m on this weird hair thing, and I just don’t know. Today I set out to make books, which morphed into fibers pieces to be stretched on frames with accompanying books with pressure printed covers. I also kind of want to make letterpress fortune tellers (cootie catchers).


I actually think these are all interesting things to be explored, but the one week deadline is restrictive for now. I also think that this surge of ideas is a good thing too; I’ll have a lot to work with when I come back. I’m feeling a little bit panicked because grad school application deadlines feel very close and finally real, and there’s just so much artwork to be made.

The above photos aren’t actually hair; can you tell? I’ve been pretty shy about asking people for bits of their hair. I like this blend of threads; at first glance they’re very hairlike, but the sharp eye won’t be fooled. And I think the juxtaposition with real hair will be interesting.

Thanks for listening! And, east coast friends, I can’t wait to see you NEXT WEEK / MONTH.





I took a beginning fibers class with Carrie Seid a few years ago, and one of our assignments was to make a little crochet sampler using a nontraditional material. A girl in my class used hair (harvested from her sorority sisters’ hairbrushes), and I remember thinking that it was quite possibly the most repulsive object I’d ever seen.

I’ve been seeking resolution on my embroidery series (I wrote about this here), and I think hair is the answer, in an exploration of the tension between the beautiful/controlled/tidy and the repulsive/bodily.

Now I need more hair. But this is a weird thing to ask someone for? I suppose I need to befriend a hair salon.





I’m playing with baker’s clay and string, missing preschool, and maybe making a net, all while planning for my upcoming trip. For a second in my head I was thinking, “I can totally pack this weird net thing in my suitcase to bring to portfolio reviews.” Um. NO.

I’m going to add spray paint (sea foam green!) next. I don’t know where this is going. It might stop at the exercise in play that it is now.