I am doing it


Text on side one:

(Text by R.D. Laing)

Text on side two:

I am doing it
The it I am doing is
The I that is doing it
The I that is doing it is
The it I am doing
It is doing the I that am doing it
I am being done by the it I am doing
it is doing it

I made a varied edition of this little book while I was at Penland in June and just got around to photographing the inside.

(Letterpress flexagon, typewriter, thread)


I am doing it

New hexaflexagon, Minneapolis(!)

I made a new hexaflexagon yesterday.  What is going on here? you ask.  The supergreat Nick Bunch gave me his unwanted proofs from litho, which I tore down and made into a hexaflexagon, which I then printed intaglio over.  Yikes!

I wish you could see this in person.

Also, tomorrow I am going to Minneapolis to attend the Mid-America Print Council Conference.  I am so full of excitement to geek out about printmaking for four days.  So… I’ll have cool things to post next week!


New hexaflexagon, Minneapolis(!)