You guys, I’m lost. I feel compelled to make one more small series of something before I head out on my trip next week. And I’m on this weird hair thing, and I just don’t know. Today I set out to make books, which morphed into fibers pieces to be stretched on frames with accompanying books with pressure printed covers. I also kind of want to make letterpress fortune tellers (cootie catchers).


I actually think these are all interesting things to be explored, but the one week deadline is restrictive for now. I also think that this surge of ideas is a good thing too; I’ll have a lot to work with when I come back. I’m feeling a little bit panicked because grad school application deadlines feel very close and finally real, and there’s just so much artwork to be made.

The above photos aren’t actually hair; can you tell? I’ve been pretty shy about asking people for bits of their hair. I like this blend of threads; at first glance they’re very hairlike, but the sharp eye won’t be fooled. And I think the juxtaposition with real hair will be interesting.

Thanks for listening! And, east coast friends, I can’t wait to see you NEXT WEEK / MONTH.





I took a beginning fibers class with Carrie Seid a few years ago, and one of our assignments was to make a little crochet sampler using a nontraditional material. A girl in my class used hair (harvested from her sorority sisters’ hairbrushes), and I remember thinking that it was quite possibly the most repulsive object I’d ever seen.

I’ve been seeking resolution on my embroidery series (I wrote about this here), and I think hair is the answer, in an exploration of the tension between the beautiful/controlled/tidy and the repulsive/bodily.

Now I need more hair. But this is a weird thing to ask someone for? I suppose I need to befriend a hair salon.