A box for two (revisited)


Another Box for Two, this one less similar in proportion and color to a Kleenex box (ha!).

It’s interesting sometimes that it takes more skill and practice to make something that shows its bones, so to speak (something that is unfinished – in this case, no covering except on the seams). I suppose there is just less opportunity to cover your tracks(/mistakes).

In other news, I’m seeking participants for a related project. Portland people, any volunteers?


A box for two (revisited)

Lost and Found



I received this sweet email the other day regarding one of the Lost and Found books:

Hi Amanda,
I meant to send this to you ages ago… I took one of your Lost & Found books from your table at an art event at Club Congress in April. I loved it so much, it was difficult to let it go, but I managed to do it. I “lost” it at the Little Free Library in Dunbar-Spring, on 2nd St and 10th Ave. I wanted to make sure it didn’t get rained on or thrown in the trash, so I thought this was a safe place. Though I’m sure you were prepared for the risks involved in losing your book, I regret not including your contact information in the book before I lost it. Maybe someday, it’ll come back to you, somehow.
Thanks for sharing your art with me. Here are some photos, attached.

I started this project with no expectation of getting a response, so I’m amazed that anyone has gotten back to me at all. I’m delighted!

Lost and Found