Myth (reprise)





More photos of Hannah and Alissa and Paul’s book, now that it is in Hannah’s hands (and many thanks to Katey for mailing it!).

I didn’t have time to properly photograph it, which I regret.

But it is out in the world now. I’m so pleased! I hope Alissa and Paul love it, most of all.

Myth (reprise)



I’m working on a collaborative commission from+with Hannah Ensor. I’m making a book, and using this as an excuse to make something beautiful. With watercolor flowers. Suck it, (conceptual) art school! I’m not embarrassed, even a little bit.

That was a little bit rude. I’m really just having a lovely time. I love love. (This is a gift for two people getting married.)



iamfeelingsomanyfeelings (gratitude)

iamfeelingsomanyfeelings (gratitude) 006

iamfeelingsomanyfeelings (gratitude) 007

iamfeelingsomanyfeelings (gratitude) 002

iamfeelingsomanyfeelings (gratitude) 003

iamfeelingsomanyfeelings (gratitude) 008

Here are some scans from a recent book: “iamfeelingsomanyfeelings (gratitude), typewriter, Polaroids, etching, map, ticket, thread, 8 5/8 x 7 1/4”, 2012.

If you can’t tell, lately I’ve been in the mood to type on the typewriter and sew and weave bits of (sentimental) trash.


…Maybe it’s time to start drawing again.

iamfeelingsomanyfeelings (gratitude)