The self that is afraid of


“One is afraid of / the self that is afraid of”


“the self that is afraid of / the self that is afraid”


“One may perhaps speak of reflections. / (text by R.D. Laing)”


I made this book under the guidance of Barb Tetenbaum using text from R.D. Laing’s book Knots.  I was inspired by a slide presentation by the weaving instructor during my session, Peggy Hart.  I realized that I don’t know anything about weaving, and this made me realize that I’m unaware of my lack of knowledge about probably infinite other things.  And then I think in circles.

A lot of things became more clear to me while making this book: it’s ok to ground ideas by using someone else’s text, it’s good to play and simplify, I’m really interested in incorporating fibers into my work, and I want to make more traditional codices.  Even though this is a lepporello.

Hope you all are doing great.  xoxo

The self that is afraid of