Exchange (recapitulation*)

I’m so excited about the Postcard Collective winter exchange. So much good work. Thank you, faraway friends! I’m so pleased to participate! I really loved the postcards by Chris Toalson (it HAS been difficult), James Luckett, Sunday Ballew, and Amelia Morris.

Today I had a grad school interview on Skype. I think it went well, but it was also strange because the conventional interview tips don’t really apply in the same way. There’s no opportunity for a firm handshake or eye contact. Also I initially was wearing furry house slippers, but I felt compelled to put on real shoes because it was an interview, an important interview, and one should not wear furry house slippers to an interview. But of course he never saw my feet. I guess theoretically I could have gone without pants.

Technology is making life more convenient and more strange. (I did wear pants in the aforementioned interview.)

Things are really in flux at the moment in a sweet volatile blend of excitement and anxiety. I’m thankful for the grounding elements of my jobs and wonderful friends and yoga practice and art practice.


*Recapitulation as in a sonata, just to be clear.

Exchange (recapitulation*)