I re-photographed the Knots books today (and did 10000000 other things).

Cheers to fruitful days, and the opportunity for a do-over.


Update: Redone photographs are up on my website.  Check it out!!!  And upon further thought, I think there are more opportunities for redo than we probably realize.



A sampling of recent work

I am interested in exploring pairs of forces that counter one another, yet somehow coexist.

The Knots series examines the tension between predictability and volatility, knowing and not knowing, and the internal and external.  I’ve connected this set of ideas to R.D. Laing’s book Knots, in which the psychiatrist investigates circular patterns of thought in relationships.  Other influences to this body of work include Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras, family photo albums, my experiences as a preschool art teacher, and intuitive responses to materials: string, trophies, photographs, and textiles.

Lately I’ve been manifesting these ideas in books, prints, and embroideries.


To eat and to be eaten,” letterpress, typewriter, thread, Polaroid, closed dimension 4.5 x 5.25 x .5″, 2012


An interior view of “To eat and to be eaten


The self that is afraid of,” letterpress, typewriter, thread, closed dimension 5 x 7 x .25″, 2012


An interior view of “The self that is afraid of


I am doing it,” letterpress flexagon, typewriter, thread, closed dimension 2 x 3.5″, 2012


Interior view of “I am doing it


Untitled in-progress embroideries, diameters ranging from 4″ to 10″


Detail, untitled embroidery

A sampling of recent work

I am doing it


Text on side one:

(Text by R.D. Laing)

Text on side two:

I am doing it
The it I am doing is
The I that is doing it
The I that is doing it is
The it I am doing
It is doing the I that am doing it
I am being done by the it I am doing
it is doing it

I made a varied edition of this little book while I was at Penland in June and just got around to photographing the inside.

(Letterpress flexagon, typewriter, thread)


I am doing it

One may not be aware there is a gate


“Before one goes through the gate / one may not be aware there is a gate”


“One may think there is a gate to go through / and look a long time for it / without finding it

One may find it and / it may not open”


“If it opens one may be through it

As one goes through it / one sees that the gate one went through was the self that went through it”


“no one went through a gate / there was no gate to go through

no one ever found a gate / no one ever realized there was never a gate”


“(Text by R.D. Laing)”




(I finished another little leporello today in the Knots series.  Letterpress, typewriter, photographs, thread.)

One may not be aware there is a gate

Welcome to an ambiguous place

“Welcome to an ambiguous place.”


“You are still here.” / “You are still here.”


“You are still here.” / “You are still here.”


“Here is a person.” / “You are still here.”


Lately I’ve been feeling… confused.  So I made a book about it.

I was thinking about photo albums, the practice of mindfulness and presence, and (naturally) R.D. Laing.

Welcome to an ambiguous place

The self that is afraid of


“One is afraid of / the self that is afraid of”


“the self that is afraid of / the self that is afraid”


“One may perhaps speak of reflections. / (text by R.D. Laing)”


I made this book under the guidance of Barb Tetenbaum using text from R.D. Laing’s book Knots.  I was inspired by a slide presentation by the weaving instructor during my session, Peggy Hart.  I realized that I don’t know anything about weaving, and this made me realize that I’m unaware of my lack of knowledge about probably infinite other things.  And then I think in circles.

A lot of things became more clear to me while making this book: it’s ok to ground ideas by using someone else’s text, it’s good to play and simplify, I’m really interested in incorporating fibers into my work, and I want to make more traditional codices.  Even though this is a lepporello.

Hope you all are doing great.  xoxo

The self that is afraid of