There and back



I went to Tucson for a couple weeks, and now I am back in Portland. A change of scenery can be so refreshing: time with Jeik and the kitties and Sampson and my parents. It wasn’t all idle time, though; I helped Jeik with a move, made photopolymer plates, and printed about half of a little book on the little Kelsey (look, I forgot to invert my images for the transparency! Whoops). I took hardly any photos; I suppose I was content to sit in the sun and eat tacos and print and just be.

This morning I went back to Mysore class, YAY, and now I’m back in the studio. Time to print, time to play with clay, time to make books. This year I am looking to explore art in Portland more, to leave the safe bubble of my studio.

Happy 2014, sweet friends. Let’s make this a fruitful, expansive, kind, healthy year.

There and back



Tomorrow I am going home. Eight cities, seven schools, three weeks later.

I’m looking forward to seeing my mister and my family and taking some quiet time to mellow out and reflect on all these things that I’ve seen and done. There are a lot of things to consider, things to decide.

And, happy thanksgiving! I hope everyone is having a restful weekend with their families. And Tucson friends+family, SEE YOU SOON.