This (beastly) typewriter from Autumn and Luke has been sitting idle for a long while, so today is the day to give it some time and some attention. It’s lacking tension so it doesn’t advance on its own yet, and the right ribbon reel doesn’t turn, but I was able to place manual pressure on the right side, enough to get a sample. Jake mentioned something about using a shoelace to create tension, but I’m not sure exactly what this means, so I have two shoelaces and some experimentation to do.

Look at those a’s!!!

In other news, I’ve been accepted to three grad programs, waitlisted at another, and I’m still waiting to hear from one more. (Not to toot my own horn, but beep beep!) I’m over the moon about this, and also panicked. Aaiiii, choices! The thought of moving is the part that’s making me panic most. And of top of this large life transitional thing, my longtime love has moved out. It is hard to adjust. It is hard to sit with feelings of failure, guilt, hurt, change. And it is hard to be patient. Fortunately I have a whole bunch of amazing people for support, and a whole bunch of engaging practices, and an extraordinary former longtime love to land softly with(out).

Om namah shivaya!



The (first part of the) nest of gratitude is complete.

Typewriter on kitakata, thread, hair; approximately 4 x 4 x 2 1/2″

Now I have some ceramic work to do to create a base. There will be teeth involved (!).

Happy Sunday, all. I’m going to go see my friend Lizza and the ladies at Bon today, yippee.





You guys. We got this non-functional typewriter from Autumn and Luke (congratulations on your engagement!), and Jake is fixing it. I can’t wait to start typing on it.

It is seventy-three years old, a heavy duty “desktop” model. And look at those beautiful keys!

I’m so thankful for my wonderful mister. He truly is wonderful.


To eat and to be eaten



“One is inside / then outside what one has been inside

One feels empty / because there is nothing inside oneself”


“One tries to get inside oneself / that inside of the outside / that one was once inside / once one tries to get oneself inside what one is outside: to eat and to be eaten

to have the outside inside and to be / inside the outside”


“But this is not enough.

(Text by R.D. Laing)”


New little lepporello book: letterpress, typewriter, Polaroids, thread.  I was thinking about John Baldessari when I made those Polaroids.

To eat and to be eaten

One may not be aware there is a gate


“Before one goes through the gate / one may not be aware there is a gate”


“One may think there is a gate to go through / and look a long time for it / without finding it

One may find it and / it may not open”


“If it opens one may be through it

As one goes through it / one sees that the gate one went through was the self that went through it”


“no one went through a gate / there was no gate to go through

no one ever found a gate / no one ever realized there was never a gate”


“(Text by R.D. Laing)”




(I finished another little leporello today in the Knots series.  Letterpress, typewriter, photographs, thread.)

One may not be aware there is a gate


Last night we had a little potluck, and some of our fabulous friends and neighbors came.  We had tacos and sangria and PBR and ice cream, and we played with the typewriter and kiddie tape recorder and listened to records.  It poured.

(and and and and and… it’s conjunction time!)

A sample from our typewriter guestbook: “dear humbel host thank you kindly for having me at your taco party i am thanking you for amber and myself  ; this thing is so radical i am so hyped on it”

Another: “a type-face is not a font” -charl    es”

In other news, I started a drawing for the first large woodcut today.