Tomorrow Jake and I are driving to California to see my Grandma and play on the beach and go to MOCA and LACMA.  Hooray, vacation!  In the process of preparing for vacation, though,  I had to clean out the car (which, strangely enough, has acted as storage space up to this point).  But, this is good for you!  In what way?  FREE(ish) STUFF.

I have a bunch of large whale and penguin and panda prints on fabric (previously stored in the trunk of my car) that need homes. LET ME KNOW IF YOU WANT ONE.  I accept payment in the form of art trade, cookies, Old Rasputin beer, and good company if it’s really really good.

Further clarification: ‘Large’ means somewhere between 3×4 and 4×5 feet.  ‘A bunch’ means eight.  ‘Fabric’ means pink canvas, white canvas, and striped cotton.  Two are even stretched on frames, whoa.

I’m aware these pictures are of terrible, embarrassing quality.  But, the whale one is a little hilarious: a whale with legs!!


One thought on “OH MY GOSH FREE(ish) STUFF

  1. j says:


    Seriously. No one wants free art. They like expensive art!!! Sell these for 100 dollars each on ETSY

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